• When Surrogacy Is the Best Option

    on Apr 26th, 2018

When a pregnancy uses a surrogate, a woman agrees to carry and deliver your child.

There are several reasons to use a surrogate during a pregnancy. Some women face insurmountable reproductive problems or have medical conditions that prevent them from having a healthy pregnancy. Surrogacy also helps single parents and members of the LGBTQ community have biological children.

Surrogacy offers many wishful parents the opportunity to have the baby they’ve always wanted. Given your unique situation, surrogacy might be your best option, too.

Types of Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational.

Traditional surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy your surrogate not only carries your baby, she’s also your egg donor. To impregnate your surrogate, Dr. Vicken Sepilian transfers sperm from the biological father into your surrogate via intrauterine insemination (IUI). This method allows the sperm to fertilize your surrogate’s egg naturally.

Gestational surrogacy

When your surrogate’s eggs aren’t used in the pregnancy, it’s called gestational surrogacy. To create the embryo for implantation in your surrogate, Dr. Sepilian uses in vitro fertilization.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) combines a harvested egg and sperm cells in a lab. It can take three to five days for your embryo to develop during this fertilization process before Dr. Sepilian is able to transfer the embryo to your surrogate.

Whether you use traditional or gestational surrogacy, they each offer the opportunity for one or both parents to be biologically related to your prospective child. They also give you the joy of raising a child from birth.

The role of your surrogate

Your surrogate has to be in the best physical, mental, and emotional health possible to be considered for this important responsibility. Not only does she commit to the regular doctor’s appointments and medical practices necessary to deliver a healthy, full-term baby, she also recognizes that you’re the baby’s legally recognized parent.

When you work with a surrogate, you’re closely involved in the pregnancy and develop a bond with your baby as it grows. This close relationship often gives you more peace of mind and control throughout the pregnancy than other avenues like adoption or fertility treatments.

The parent-surrogate relationship is often so close, it becomes a long-lasting friendship.

The benefits for your surrogate

Surrogacy comes with several advantages for hopeful parents, but there are many benefits for your surrogate as well.

While each surrogate is different, many experience a deep sense of pride knowing they’ve helped another family in such a selfless and life-changing way. The unique bond that develops between expectant parents and their surrogates often lasts a lifetime.

In addition to the personal satisfaction many surrogates experience, their expenses are also paid for throughout the pregnancy, so they can enjoy the benefits of quality healthcare and counseling services to ensure they remain in the best physical and emotional health throughout the surrogacy process. Some surrogates also receive additional compensation that can help them reach their financial goals.

If you want to expand your family and think surrogacy might be the best option, call Dr. Sepilian or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

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